Otherworld Support

We hope that you don't have any issues playing Otherworld but in case you do please review our Frequently Asked Questions to see if it has already been reported. If not, please see below for instructions on how to Report the Issue to us.


Otherworld has crashed and I forgot to save the game, what should I do?
Otherworld has an Auto-Save feature and automatically saves your game each time you change location. Restart Otherworld and select 'Load Last Autosave' from the main menu to restore your last game. We recommend that you save the game immediately by using the 'Save' option on the main menu.

I can't get the telephone to work, there must be a bug!
The telephone is on the trickiest puzzles in Otherworld but it is possible to solve with the right clues.
If you are struggling then keep an eye out for our walk-through guide which will be available shortly.

I can't make out some of the details on this picture.
Tap the picture to display the Max Image page. From here you can pinch the image to zoom and swipe to pan the picture to focus in on any part of it. Find out more details about the Max Image and Max Text pages in the Otherworld help guide accessible from the Otherworld main menu.

Otherworld is getting progressively slower, each screen takes longer and longer to display.
Shut down the Otherworld app by forcing it to close and then restart it and the problem should go away. Please report this issue to us using the email address in the section below.

Reporting an Issue

Should you need to report an issue then please contact us at the email address help.otherworld@gmail.com and include the following information:

  • The make and model of your device (for example Apple IPhone 6)
  • A brief description of the problem
  • Details of any error messages displayed on screen
  • The Otherworld version number. The version number can be found by pressing the Main Menu button within the game.