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Otherworld: Circuit Puzzles

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What is Otherworld: Circuit Puzzles?

Improve your mental agility with our free fast action circuit puzzle game:

  • Rotate the tiles to connect the circuit to the battery.
  • Light all the lamps to win and solve the circuit before time runs out.
  • Increase the fun with more batteries, interlink the wires and introduce crazy self-rotating tiles.

Watch our video to see it in action.

Free Game

Otherworld: Circuit Puzzles is free and comes with 9 different levels to challenge your mental agility, each with a different circuit to solve.

Find out how quickly can you solve the circuits to score points and achievements and how you compare on our leader board.

Additional levels can be purchased within the app.

Otherworld: Circuit Puzzles is now available on Beta!

If you'd like to play our beta version then open this web page on your mobile device and click either the Apple or Google Play link below.
You will be taken to the store page that explains how to install the game.

This early release doesn't contain any sound, achievements or the leader board and only the first 9 levels are available.

Amazon Fire is also available, if you would like to test on Amazon Fire please contact us at otheworld.help@gmail.com.

Beta Testing Feedback

Did you enjoy playing our Beta version of Otherworld: Circuit Puzzles?
Help us get it ready for full release by providing us your feedback.
Click the button to access our online survey which takes a maximum of 4 minutes to complete.

Circuit Puzzles is a game from Otherworld: Epic Adventure

Complete levels to learn clues and discover clues to the plot of Otherworld: Epic Adventure.