Otherworld Articles

At Generation X Design, we embarked on the Otherworld project to learn new skills and experience in building, testing and marketing mobile apps.

Through our 'streetwise' series of articles we hope to share some of the lessons we've learned and also illustrate the beautiful engineering that's gone into this exciting project.

A Streetwise Guide to Building Mobile Apps

Designing For Test

Mobile apps are difficult, expensive, and time consuming to test made worse by the large number of different mobile devices available that they must work on. The right design approach can vastly reduce this cost and effort by making it much easier to test effectively, and giving a high degree of confidence in the finished product. 

This first instalment in our ‘streetwise’ series of tech articles is illustrated by live code examples taken from ‘Otherworld: Epic Adventure’, currently live in production on Amazon, Apple and Google platforms.

Un-deprecating UIWebView in Xamarin Forms

Since the 30th of April, many software houses and developers using Microsoft Xamarin will have fallen foul of the dreaded 'Deprecated UIWebView' issue which stops new apps being released to the Apple Appstore!!

Having spent hours trying to unsuccessfully upgrade Xamarin I fixed the problem directly within the old version of the Xamarin code myself. It took less than 40 minutes before I had a working build deployed to the Apple store with minimal disruption to my own code.

In this latest article of my Streetwise Tech series I present the solution in easy to follow steps with screenshots and samples taken from live apps. I also describe some of the issues encountered in the upgrade attempt to help anyone considering that route

Otherworld: Epic Adventure is now available!

Click the image to get Otherworld from your favourite app store.
Alternatively search the app store for "Otherworld Epic Adventure" (with quotes).