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Otherworld: Epic Adventure

... a murder mystery adventure game steeped in Irish history, mythology and politics ...

What is Otherworld: Epic Adventure?

Otherworld is a Celtic themed murder mystery adventure game for mobile phones, pads and tablets boasting real-world photography instead of computer generated graphics.

  • Ages of entertainment especially if you are self-isolating.
  • Perfect for long journeys as it requires no internet connection and has no in-app purchases or advertisements.
  • Discover Irish History, mythology and politics through the engaging and novel plot.
  • Explore a huge world solving challenging puzzles.

See Otherworld: Epic Adventure in action

Find out for yourself what Otherworld is with our video.

Otherworld Plot

Ireland lives at the heart of world culture, but with little military might and political influence it occupies only a minor place on the international stage.

What would it take for Ireland to rise to the fore? Perhaps having the right leadership, someone of charisma and influence, capable of capturing the hearts of minds of not just the citizens of Ireland but the people and leaders of the most powerful countries in the world …..

The Irish rise has not pleased everyone. An assassination attempt on the life of their most charismatic politician has thrown the country into turmoil with worldwide ramifications.

You must determine the identity of the assassin and bring them to justice......

Otherworld Experience

With over 200 locations to visit and almost 100 items to interact with, Otherworld will keep you entertained for ages of play.

Start with familiar puzzles to whet your appetite and learn the game but it wont be long before these increase in difficulty. Otherworld includes code breaking, sub-games, mental agility, pattern recognition, word and number games.

To solve the game you must immerse yourself in Irish History, mythology and politics. Ultimately you must unlock the secrets of the Celtic Otherworld to solve real mysteries and political intrigue in modern Ireland.

Otherworld: Epic Adventure is now available!

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Otherworld Articles

At Generation X Design, we embarked on the Otherworld project to learn new skills and experience in building, testing and marketing mobile apps.

Through our 'streetwise' series of articles we hope to share some of the lessons we've learned and also illustrate the beautiful engineering that's gone into this exciting project..